What is GRAB?

The GRAB Trust was formed in 1993 to address waste and recycling issues in Argyll & Bute. It is a charitable social enterprise that has been providing activities in relation to recycling in Argyll and Bute for 30 years. The GRAB Trust exists to seek the preservation and maintenance of the natural quality of the environment of Argyll and Bute by means of participating in and encouraging sustainable environmental and waste management activities by the wider Argyll and Bute public. The GRAB Trust recognizes that for the public to be interested and active in sustainable environmental projects they need to be suitably informed of the issues and to be fully involved in their local community projects.

In order to continue achieving its mission GRAB has evaluated relevant changes in the waste and community sector and reflects the impact of those changes in its re-defined aims:-

To promote increased levels of re-use through the LORI project, that includes a wide range of domestic goods in order to achieve the desired outcome of a Zero Waste society. The promotion of beach cleaning and marine issues through continuing delivery of the Argyll and Bute Beaches and Marine Litter project. Delivery of community clean-ups around beaches and roadside verges utilising publicly funded litter grants. The delivery of professional waste, recycling and wider environmental education, awareness and training activities to all sectors of the Argyll and Bute public including schools, households, businesses and visitors. Fostering, encouraging and supporting local community involvement and participation in a range of sustainable, recycling and environmental projects across Argyll and Bute.

The GRAB Trust Operating Principles

Operating as a not for profit distributing company with charitable status. Promotion of sustainable waste and resource management in Argyll and Bute with income generated charitable activities. Working in partnership with statutory bodies and agencies, communities, householders and businesses by co-operating, negotiating and achieving consensus. Operating in an open and accountable manner in all activities. Commitment to operating in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, minimizing any adverse environmental impact.

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