What can LORI accept?

Basically, LORI accepts any household furniture that still has life left in it, together with electrical and small household items too. Please hand any items being donated to a member of LORI staff, below is a list with details of legal restrictions placed upon us for certain items

  • All soft furnishings must comply with Furniture and Fire Regulations (1988) and have labels attached to confirm this.
    Knowledge of compliance is not sufficient as we cannot even give furniture away without these labels being attached to the items. Only exception to this is antique furniture.

  • Electrical items must be known to be in working order. All electrical items will be tested by our qualified staff in accordance with Portable Appliance Testing Regulations.

  • We cannot accept cookers, washing machines, dish washers & boxy CRT television sets.

  • Non-portable or any gas/petrol powered equipment cannot be accepted by LORI.

The general rule when items are collected or directly donated to LORI is that the driver/member of staff has the final discretion as to what we can or can't accept. We will refuse items if:

  • We would not have them in our own house (quality not style)

  • There are any noticeable rips, tears, burns or other damage to upholstery

  • There is noticeable wood damage that would be un-economical to repair

  • They are items which we know we have great difficulty in passing on

  • There is a strong smell of smoke or animals

  • Items are sticky or would take far too long to clean

  • They do not comply with the many regulations placed upon us of which the staff/driver have all the details

We do not like refusing items but if we cannot pass them on then we have to dispose of them for which we incur a cost.

Due to space restrictions and facilities on site we are also limited in the number of items we can accept.